Transaction Manager- VP/SVP

Bengaluru India

Years of Experience

8 - 15 years

Employment Type

Not available

Seniority Type





Transaction Transaction Advisory Quality Assurance Credit Analysis Loan

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Shailja Lohadiya

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow


Job Role:

Transaction Management will be responsible for supporting multiple aspects of the lending lifecycle including but not limited to loan closing and servicing coordination, facilitating complex client onboarding, data management, and quality control. The team will be accountable and responsible for operational oversight of the closing and servicing of all loan transactions of the business division being supported to ensure all internal and external requirements are met. This includes data capture, requisite documentation, regulatory requirements, internal policy compliance, and conditions precedent are met prior to deal execution. They will ensure all data elements are captured timely, accurately and validated by internal approvals and legal documentation. 

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a global cross-business team from the ground up as part of one of the firm’s highest priority initiatives.


  • Perform leadership role with respect to the build and development of the global team of professionals to support loan origination and lifecycle management across the spectrum of wholesale lending at which includes large complex syndicated and bilateral loans covering but not limited to corporate, commercial, real estate, structured lending and trade.
  • Create processes, standards, procedures, controls, training, and implementation of transaction management across ICG
  • Design and implement technology including active input into the requirements, testing and rollout
  • Produce and provide training and support to transaction management staff, business constituents, operations and risk partners where needed
  • Closely partner with each of the originating and coverage business lines, credit risk, operations, legal, etc. to implement the target support model for wholesale lending
  • Ensure effectiveness of controls and processes meet internal policies and regulatory requirements/expectations
  • Contribute to and support the strategic vision for this team by enabling the implementation roadmap and working with originating businesses, risk, operations and technology to execute accordingly
  • Participate in new and existing policy and regulatory requirements across wholesale lending workstreams and take a leadership role on behalf of Transaction Management where needed
  • Instill and manage transaction management staff to uphold high degree of quality of data managed consistently adheres to internal and regulatory requirements
  • Work with lines of business, transaction management, and loan operations to define and implement operational metrics and risk and control reviews to ensure all stakeholders have end to end transparency
  • Constantly improve processes, controls and efficiencies within the group and front to back across loan lifecycle
  • Lead projects and provide valuable input with various working groups created to enhance performance and efficiency
  • Take leadership role and serve as escalation with respect to loan remediation and loan system testing / migrations

Upon go-live or during pilot phases of Transaction Management Group the following may apply:

  • Perform team lead role, senior transaction manager, or point of escalation in either a business line pillar or function within Transaction Management
  • Actively manage and maintain a deal closing pipeline of wholesale loan transactions for BCMA
  • Staff transaction managers on transactions and serve as primary point of contact for a specific business line or function
  • Coordinate and close loan transactions/lifecycle events, capture data, store documentation, troubleshoot issues/roadblocks, perform quality control on all inputs based on relevant loan documentation once Transaction Management closing functions go live or during pilot phases
  • Liaise and coordinate all pre-closing requirements with various internal and external teams (i.e. Business Deal Teams, Loan Operations, Risk, Legal, Compliance, KYC, Borrowers, Co-Arrangers, Lenders, etc.)
  • Collect and review legal loan documentation, ensuring operational standards and compliance requirements are met
  • Address inquiries from Borrowers, Lenders, and Arrangers pertaining to the closing process and ongoing maintenance of the deal


  • Experience leading a team in a management or team lead capacity supporting wholesale lending at large financial institution
  • Strong knowledge of wholesale loan (syndicated / bilateral) product and business, including an understanding of legal loan documentation, loan / funding mechanics, deal structure, funds flows, etc.
  • Demonstrated skills in building and developing teams
  • Significant understanding of process redesign / re-engineering and execution
  • Extensive practice in managing large remediation efforts and meeting critical deadlines
  • Substantial experience working with clients under time constraints to facilitate a transaction or process
  • Proven ability to collaborate with team members and senior management both within the lines of business and across multiple stakeholders
  • Critical decision-making capabilities including the ability to identify, escalate, and propose solutions to problems
  • Ability to multi-task through the practice of strong organizational and time management skills with experience in continuously following-up with various stakeholders
  • Involvement working in a steering capacity with Business constituents, Technology and Operations on process improvement
  • Proven track record in establishing and maintain business line partnerships
  • Comprehensive understanding and awareness of appropriate corporate and regulatory policies in relation to Lending
  • Deep knowledge of operational processes supporting Wholesale lending
  • Focus on achieving/exceeding key operating standards within a KPI/metrics driven culture
  • Ability to work in an environment where priorities are frequently changing

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Shailja Lohadiya

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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