Emulsion Specialist

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Years of Experience

10 - 25 years

Employment Type

Not available

Seniority Type



Oil & Energy


Crude quality Oil quality OFC colloid chemistry Emulsions

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Mohit Chemburkar

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow



  • Advanced characterization using various analytical techniques (e.g. spectroscopic, spectrophotometric, chromatographic and physical testing) to characterize various petroleum samples using both established and developed methods.
  • Work with fluidics engineers, chemists, and molecular biologists to develop integrated chemical and fluidic systems for reactions in emulsions.
  • Develop new analytical methods for non-routine tests and assessments to meet customers’ needs.
  • Design, source, and use characterization tools and methods for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid interfaces.
  • Carry out investigative studies in matters related to oil-water chemistry and effects of light traces in support of field and plant operations.
  • Utilize project management tools in setting work objectives, detailing experimental scope, and timely execution of the projects towards sound technical solutions.
  • Liaise with production and facility planning personnel to ensure minimal or emulsion free process within Aramco facilities.
  • Liaise to ensure proper selection of emulsion mitigation and treatment solutions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. PhD degree is preferred.
  • Ten years of experience in emulsion chemistry, including at least five in colloid and oil field chemistry.
  • Proven track record of research and technology development and deployment in the area of emulsion.
  • Sound experience and hands-on skills in testing for emulsion or colloid science.
  • Ability to demonstrate scientific/technical authority and broad technical credibility, preferably including publications and/or patents.
  • Knowledge in oil/water separation process designs and engineering terminologies.
  • Able to visit field operations, and understand process design and parameters.

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Mohit Chemburkar

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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