Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specialist

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Years of Experience

10 - 25 years

Employment Type

Not available

Seniority Type



Oil & Energy


Automotive Lightweight composite Composite pipes development carbon fiber manufacturing carbon fiber reinforced plastic processing

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Mohit Chemburkar

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow



  • Work with research organizations and manufacturers to identify technical gaps and challenges that hinder vast penetration of carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the Automotive sector.
  • Conduct technical feasibility studies, designing R&D strategies targeting lowering the cost of carbon fiber and associated composites.
  • Launch research projects, lead lab technicians and junior scientists, and engage external partners to advance the technology readiness level of the targeted developments.
  • Project planning, execution, implementation and data analysis, as well as liaising with stakeholders to ensure seamless integration with ongoing efforts associated with non-metallic initiatives.
  • Train junior scientists and engineers while remaining current with engineering and scientific technological developments of carbon fiber manufacturing using a variety of precursors, conventional/advanced manufacturing processes of composites, design methodologies of composite parts for automotive applications and suitability aspects of composites. 


  • PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, Polymer Science or Physics.
  • Ten years of R&D experience in materials synthesis and composite development, including at least five years of industrial experience in the ears of carbon fiber manufacturing and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic development.
  • Ability to set corporate R&D strategies, develop technology roadmaps, connecting innovation ecosystem players and establishing new business partnerships.
  • Ability to identify competencies gaps; and to build, manage, and lead R&D teams.
  • Experience in complex project management, including: milestone tracking; project finance and contracts development; as well as technology licensing and commercialization.
  • Demonstrated effective leadership skills, with the ability to influence and build relationships with customers.
  • Ability to identify technical challenges related to out-of-autoclave composites manufacturing towards speeding up the cycle of polymers and polymer composites processing for cost-effective high-volume manufacturing.
  • Skilled in identifying technical challenges related to low-cost carbon fiber manufacturing, and launching new research projects to tackle these challenges, such as developing new synthetic methods and fabrication procedures for carbon fiber technology with enhanced performance.
  • Ability to establish new research programs to overcome the existing challenges of composites processing, (e.g. scrap rate, time cycle, and repair of common and arising manufacturing processes, such as filament winding, automated tape placement, additive manufacturing, injection overmolding and on-site manufacturing)
  • Ability to work closely with partners in order to integrate developed technologies in real-world applications in collaboration with automotive OEMs.
  • Able to publish papers in highly-recognized journals, present research outcomes in international events, and secure patents based on novel research results.

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Mohit Chemburkar

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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