Business Excellence Manager

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Revenue & Profit Growth Project Management Certificate of Black Belt Team Management ISO14001
Logistics and Supply Chain


Role Description:

  • To develop, implement, monitor, and support our client policies and strategic objectives in our client Viet Nam enabling the entities to achieve continuous improvement in the areas of corporate sustainability, environment, quality, health and safety, and business excellence.
  • To align with the regional client BE strategy, ensure the implementation and compliance in order to enable the realization of the business strategy.
  • Translate the country BE strategy plan into SMART objectives per department, together with the department managers.
  • Initiate and manage projects regarding organizational development and change management
  • Ensure communication and understanding of the strategic plan including objectives
  • To reinsure the implementations of the group policies and ensure compliances at all levels across all departments in line with the group’s code of ethics and conduct.

  • To manage the implementation and execution of Business Excellence (BE) policies and initiatives in the local organization to enable continuous development.
  • Develop, manage the implementation and ensure the realization of the BE strategy, in line with the Divisional and country strategy in order to enable our client Freight Forwarding to achieve its mission.
  • To lead within the country Operational Excellence workstream strategic agenda, developing and sustaining a continuous improvement culture using proven methodologies.
  • Working with the respective country MD & other HODs to transform the local Business Excellence support service function from a compliance-based to a performance-based function.
  • To be a Road To Excellence change agent, lead continuous improvement initiatives and transform/sustain improvements as the future performance and business excellence standards and raising the levels of services to meet and exceed customer expectations as well as sustaining mandatory QSHE compliance standards.
  • To develop dashboards and visual indicators, monitor and communicate performance to the country management team.


  • Ensure the appropriate visibility, compliance to company policy and values, the improvement and understanding by staff of all company SOP.
  • Ensure the appropriate visibility, the reporting method, the compliance with company policy and values, and the improvement of all company KPIs.
  • Owner of VN CARE PROGRAM: ensure pre-meeting, meetings, and post-meeting (input, analysis, discussion, and output) follow project management method, follow up with HOD to ensure all requirements and to-do action are fulfilled ahead of the deadline.
  • Responsible for the compliance of all processes. It can take the form of confirming document or process compliance by signature (PR specifically and other documents TBC)Coordinate, allocate and optimize the use of all resources (department superusers, system admin, quality check, etc.) in the company related to business excellence in agreement with HOD.
  • Owner of the country vendor management process: Need to identify current system weakness, implement continuous improvement through the collection and implementation of best practices, coordinate with our client group to implement group requirements, follow up on implementation, compliance and feedback of the process.
  • Identify and drive continuous improvement and Road to Excellence using proven methodology such as Lean Six Sigma with cross-functional teams, departments, and functions, developing the performance culture of Faster, Better, and Cheaper.
  • To annually develop and maintain a continuous improvement program pipeline and initiatives using data from our client Global Satisfaction Survey and proactively identify improvement opportunities with the management team.
  • Manage our client QSHE and Compliance through policy implementation, guidelines, audits, and conformances using suitable project management and reporting tools.
  • Lead and manage all certification and accreditations across the country as required by our client, including but not limited to ISO, , others as applicable to the country & businesses.
  • To lead, initiate and manage the MBE (Management by Excellence) initiative for the country Support HR and other functions by coaching and arranging training through the seminar on project management, operation system mastery, and other relevant training related to BE.
  • Contribute to annual global BE plan and budget. Develop a country plan and manage the implementation within the country and monitor realization.
  • Contribute to developing country policies. Implement and optimize, monitor, ensure consistency at, country level. Determine policies and procedures on a local level.
  • Steer, develop and motivate direct and functional reports, in line with the global HR policies, individual and company’s objectives, to ensure the necessary quality and quantity of staffing for current and future needs.
  • Communicate on strategy and business results on a regular basis. Engage dialogue to keep the communication flowing Contribute to development KPI's.
  • Establish key data for KPIs of service and productivity. Monitor and optimize operational workflow. Initiate, develop, implement and ensure the realization of internal and external programs regarding sustainability.
  • Develop customer solutions, in co-op with BD and based on customer requests and market trends; regional scale.
  • Manage the ongoing process of changes of Integrated Solutions in within the country of global the Management System by ensuring ongoing compliance with the needs from functional areas (operation/BD/HR/IT).